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Supreme Carpet Cleaners

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We clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery accross Poole, Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire

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Cleaning your upholstery regularly will ensure a longer lifespan & a healthy home

No matter what type of upholstery you choose for your home, it will eventually get dirty. Then the decision has to be made... Do we replace or shall we have it cleaned? If we have it cleaned, how good will it look? We are asked this question all the time. The answer? It will normally come up like new provided it is cleaned properly by a fully certified carpet & upholstery technician. Someone who has been trained to identify the fabric, what it needs to be cleaned with safely and to leave it residue free when finished.

Any "carpet cleaner" who cleans your fine fabrics just by machine alone is using strong solutions meant for cleaning carpets and may cause damage or fading to your upholstery. These more delicate fabrics need gentle cleaning with the correct upholstery cleaning solutions to clean your furnishings safely & effectively.

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So how should my upholstery be cleaned?

  1. High filtration vacuuming We vacuum the upholstery removing excess dust, especially in those little creases.
  2. Pre spray Fabric Conditioner The cleaning solution is then sprayed onto the fabric to be gently agitated with a soft hand brush constructed of horse hair fibres (so not to damage fine fabrics).
  3. Dwell time, the area cleaned should be left for 10 minutes or so to let the solution soak in and breakdown the Dirt, Bacteria and Pollens.
  4. Hot water extraction & rinse A hand held extraction tool will then pump hot water & an acidic rinse agent from the machine at high pressure to break up the soil whilst a huge vacuum sucks the soiled water back to the machine leaving the fabric clean and only slightly damp. N.B The reason it should be rinsed is so that any moisture left in the fabric is not “soapy.” Therefore it stops re-soiling. Think about washing your hair. Why do we rinse after shampooing it?
  5. Rapid Air Dryer Finally, we will use rapid air dryers to aid drying time to hours rather than days.

5 Steps to a clean & healthy sofa.
You can sit back & relax,
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